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We are now Glou.Co!

Hello friends new and old,

We have rebranded! Although for right now, the marketplace site can still be found under

I just never felt that S//S could stand on its own as a brand that would encompass all that I had envisioned. I want this to be so much bigger than just a marketplace. And so, I've landed on //glou.

In cursive, it looks like "glow" which is a word associated with the beauty industry. See?

Whether you have been with us since Sub Swaps, S//S Beauty Market, or joining now in our new Glou phase, THANK YOU. Building out this dream of mine feels like running a marathon. And every time someone signs up, throws us a like or follow, it means a lot to me.

My next step is to raise money from investors. So in the meantime, to keep up with operating expenses, I collaborated with my friend Alejandra Macouzet, to create a graphic tee that celebrates some of the most influential female founders in beauty who represent the past, present, and future of the industry.

If you'd like to support //glou, pre-order the limited edition graphic tee. Other ways you can support us is by sharing! Share this post, our Instagram, and the link to our Go//Glou campaign.

See you around!