selling: how it works



Missed out on the onboarding walk-through? Not to worry, here's a handy dandy checklist to make sure you're all set. 

1. Complete Onboarding

How to Find This Page:

When you log-in this is the default page. If it isn't, click on the person icon in the upper-right corner.

Listing for the First Time:

When you list items for sale for the first time, click on the pink button, "Create Listings". 

A pop-up comes up asking you to set your shipping fee. You must fill this out before your seller profile is visible.

Complete Your Seller Profile:

Click on the black button, "Complete Profile" to upload a picture, fill-out your display name, and write a few words about yourself (helps build trust with buyers). You can also link to your Instagram profile by writing your username (without the '@').

Glou Marketplace Seller Onboarding

2. Dashboard - My Account

Addresses & Payments:

It's helpful to have your shipping address already inputted so that it's easier to buy a shipping label when your items sell.​

My Balance / Payout Info:

Add your direct deposit information, so you can get paid!



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