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Read this before you buy Nudestix!

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Nudestix has been heavily featured in the Glou Beauty IG stories this past week, and people have been requesting swatches and asking about my thoughts on their products.

I have been a fan of them since 2014. I was attracted to the fact everything came in a stick and could be applied with fingers because that's the only way I knew how to use makeup. I didn't really get into the makeup world until the beginning days of Glou in 2018. I have tried hundreds and hundreds of products since then, and I keep coming back to Nudestix.

I have tried every product they've launched, including ones they have since discontinued, with the exception of the lip glace, plush paints, glimmers, and mascara. I would like to try them, but what I love is their easy, grab-and-go portability of their products, and liquid products have a tendency to get messy. My first love is fashion, and I am a bag lady through and through, so I am extremely wary of any kind of makeup explosion happening inside my bags. Stick/cream beauty products are my friends.

Btw, when I mention the prices, I've used rounded dollar amounts. They may be less/more depending if you are in the US or Canada.

1. Their tins are recyclable

I didn't learn this until yesterday, but their boxes are made out of tin plate, which is a material that is infinitely recyclable, and most municipalities can process it in recycling. If you can recycle soup cans, you can recycle Nudestix tins. If you can dislodge the little fun-house mirror in the lid, that would be ideal before you pop it into the blue bin. If you don't have a good recycling program in your area, they have a newly launched Save A Tin recycling program. You can request a compostable mailer and free shipping label to ship your tins back to them.

For the good love of god, they need to say what their tins are made out of somewhere on their packaging, because the ONE thing EVERYONE mentions about Nudestix is how wasteful their tin packaging is. That's probably because NO one knew that they were recyclable. I'm a pretty informed consumer, and I didn't learn this for SIX YEARS.

Okay, now that I've addressed this, we can all move on with our lives haha

2. Do the math, buy their kits

The value available in their kits is practically a no brainer. Their pencils are $30 each or you can get 6 for $60. Don't buy singles unless you really have to.

Their minis kits are also fantastic. You can get 3 minis for the price of around 1 single full size product. However, if you look at the product volume, their mini pencils come with 2.5g of product and the full-size pencils are 2.8g of product.

When you buy their kits and get a duplicate for something you already have, you can either give it away, or list it on Glou Marketplace!

3. Their Nudies multi-sticks are worth the hype

Nudies Tinted Blur and Blush Swatches (Light 2, Salty Siren, Body Language, Naughty n Spice)
Nudies Tinted Blur and Blush Swatches (Light 2, Salty Siren, Body Language, Naughty n Spice)

The brush thing on the back is completely useless and I wish instead of bearing the cost of having that component I could just get more product.

But, other than that, their Nudies multi-sticks in matte, blend like a dream and last all day. The hype is real and I like them a lot.

The dewy formula and highlighters though... I'm less of a fan, and that's not because it's a bad product. This is just a personal preference. I prefer products that have a dry finish.

The Nudies Tinted Blur stick would be my ultimate lazy-girl complexion product if it were not for the price. The product is so soft and even using it sparingly wears it down quite quickly. The price per use is just too high. It is the literal opposite of my Hourglass Vanish stick foundation because that product is SO pigmented and requires like 5 dabs, not even swipes, to cover my whole face. I've had it for a long time and still have tons of product left.