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Here's the DL on the Most Popular Beauty Boxes in 2019

There are so many subscription boxes out there and it's a tough market to be in. If you can think of a category, there's probably a box for you. However, how do you choose? Here are my thoughts and experience from these subscriptions. The good, the bad, and the TBH...

PC: Sephora

If you're looking for premium brands

Sephora Play $10 for 5 deluxe sized samples

In this box you'll get a mix of skincare and makeup from the brands that Sephora carries in their stores. It's amazing for trying some of the newest or best-of brands.

While it's awesome to sample premium brands, if you really fall in love with an item, it can be a costly purchase for the full-size. Sephora's customization/curation for their subscribers isn't the best out there. Hate red lipstick? You might get it anyway. With a longer subscription, getting something you've received in the past might happen.

PC: BoxyCharm

If you're looking for full-size products

BoxyCharm (referral link) $20 for 5 full-size products

In this box, you'll get all full-size products from mostly premium brands. Whether you're a makeup beginner or makeup pro, you will usually be able to create full looks with each box. They send out makeup and makeup tools (eyelash curler, tweezers, brushes etc.).

However, with so much product every month, this box could take you down the road to product-overload. But that's nbd, because you can always S//Sell with us!

PC: Beauty Fix

If you're looking for skincare

BeautyFix $24 for a BUNCH (number varies) of full-size and deluxe sample sized items

If you are crazy about skincare, then you absolutely need BeautyFix. It's a monthly box from Dermstore and they have a mix of full-size and deluxe sample sized products from top brands. As a subscriber you'll eventually end up with so much product you can start bathing in serums (not really).

There's no customization, so what you see in the preview is what you get. I like checking out the spoilers and then deciding whether or not that month is worth it for me.