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Rare Beauty Review + Swatches | Plus notes on smell, ingredients, and wear-time | Holiday Mini Sets

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Left to right: Blushes: Bliss, Joy, Love; Lip souffles: Transform, Inspire, Fearless; Lip balms: Thankful, Support

So, when Rare Beauty dropped, I was pretty excited because the brand's philosophy around makeup really resonated with me. Everything seemed super approachable and easy to use. However, there wasn't anything compelling enough for me to want to buy right away, so I waited for minis to be released. There was also a lack of good swatches so that I could see what the product might look like on.

In a COVID world, there's no way to try products out at the store, so you kind of have to go with what reviewers are saying. I thought I'd toss in my two cents as well. Mostly because swatching products is fun.

If you want to learn more or watch me swatch these Rare Beauty makeup items, check out this video:


e are my swatches and brief thoughts on all the products.

Dewy Lip Balms:

Thankful, left. Support, right.

Tbh... I can't really tell which is which when swatched. Even in person when I swatch them, they are VERY similar. I think thankful is the top one?

Thankful is a nude mauve, and Support is a plum brown. These are not very accurate color descriptions. Thankful is cooler-toned and support is warmer toned.

They both read more coraly/deep salmon rose/sheer burgundy. Mauve or brown??? I don't really see it... Regardless, these are the two colors I would have bought full-size versions of anyway, but I would have been quite disappointed if I bought both. Support is probably the one I would repurchase a full-size version of.

Of all the products, these are the ones I reach for most. They aren't particularly good at being hydrating (what I would expect from a lip balm), but I like them a lot as sheer lipsticks. They have a lot more color payoff than I would expect a tinted lip balm to have.

In terms of longevity... it is not long at all. The more I wear it, the less I love this product because it just doesn't deliver on the hydration front. I love the color payoff, but when I have matte lip products that are more hydrating than a supposedly dewy one... Houston, we have a problem.

Also, they smell like skittles.