Do you have super sensitive skin?

Are you looking for product recommendations?

Is there a beauty lover in your life you're trying to find a gift for?

Where do you even start if you're getting into skincare/makeup for the first time?


Beauty care as a category is hard to navigate. Sure you can read the ingredients, but what does it all mean? Why do some products work for you and other don't?


We are piloting GlouMatch to help pair you with the right products.


What's different about our approach?


We analyze the ingredients of all the products that work for you as well as all the products that don't. We work within your budget constraints and other preferences to help narrow down your search for something that gets you Glou-ing. 


We use technology as well as our deep product knowledge across the industry to help you find what you need.


We are not affiliated with any brands or retailers, so we aren't biased as to where you spend your money. As a disclaimer, we are also not medical professionals or other formal training. We are more like a beauty sales associate with no affiliation. Or a beauty editor who's tried it all, but has also studied ingredients used in beauty care products. We take a very tailored approach to each GlouMatch Concierge request. Your results and experience may vary. We can only give you our best suggestions based on the data that we have.


Past client examples:


Alex is on the hunt to find a new sunscreen. They have super sensitive skin and most products feel like they're burning. The only one they have found that works costs $130. 


Sam would like to start using a moisturizer daily, but everything makes them breakout. They are willing to spend up to $60 on a moisturizer that won't sting or make them break out.


Charlie is a lifelong eczema sufferer. A lot of products hurt when they put them on so they are very cautious of trying new things. They just want a moisturizer that works. They have not had previous success with products/brands geared towards eczema sufferers.


Ash loves makeup, but has sensitive skin and an allergy to proylene glycol. They are looking for a basic makeup look that won't require a two-week recovery period. 


Riley just moved from Canada to the UK. They don't know where to start to look for affordable skincare. They want to start with a couple skincare products to help treat their hormonal acne. 

GlouMatch Concierge

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