• Karen Lee

S//Shipping: Top 5 FAQs

Shipping is totally integrated into the platform. Our default shipping option will automatically generate a shipping label when your item has sold. All you have to do is log in, print the label, pack your stuff up, and pop it in the post.

S//Sellers: ⭐️Who pays for shipping? The person buying pays for shipping. ⭐️Can I set my own shipping rate? Yes! That’s one of the 3 shipping options available. ⭐️What should I ship things in? You can get FREE shipping supplies from USPS online. Also, please carefully bubble-wrap any breakables!

Want even more details?

S//Shoppers: ⭐️How much am I paying for shipping? If the Seller has opted for USPS, you’ll either be charged a rate based on where the package is coming from, or a flat rate. ⭐️Will I be charged shipping for each item? No! You’ll just pay shipping once from each seller you buy from.

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