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#2: Trusted S//Sellers?

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Part of the Reasons to Join the S//S Marketplace series.

Every time a transaction happens on the S//S Marketplace, the S//Shopper has a chance (and is encouraged) to leave a review on the S//Seller.

If you are buying from a new S//Seller, who doesn't have any reviews yet, ask them for proof that they have successfully conducted sales online before.

What counts?

- Screenshots of past PayPal transactions

- Screenshot of positive review from a buy/sell/trade group or name on a trusted seller list (please make sure the group name and is visible)

- Screenshot of past sale posts and following correspondence

- A link or screenshot of reviews/proof that they're a real person (eBay, Uber, LinkedIn)

Additionally, you may also ask them to provide proof of purchase of the item you're interested in.

If all else fails, as long as your transaction has taken place on the S//S Marketplace, our S//Secure shopping guarantee will make sure you get your money back incase anything goes wrong.

You want in? Join the S//S Marketplace.

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