• Karen Lee

#1: Reasons to be on the S//S Marketplace

Updated: Sep 29, 2018

Part of the Reasons to Join the S//S Marketplace series.

The number one reason? CUSTOMER SERVICE, YO!

S//S is here to handle all your queries and conundrums, so you can have the most positive experience buying/selling from other beauty lovers.

This is what happens when you buy/sell/trade from a dedicated peer-to-peer marketplace made just for you. Our job is to make sure that you have the most positive interaction possible so you can destash and rehome your makeup as well as buy aaalll the makeup you want (no judgement, pinky promise. If an overflowing vanity makes you happy, it makes us happy).

If something goes wrong, we will try our absolute best to right the situation. No long winded policies or guarantees with a bunch of clauses and fine print. For us, it's all about the personalized S//Sister care because we gotchu. We got your back because you'd do the same for us.

Sound good? Join the S//S Marketplace.

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Glow Queens Graphic Tee

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