S//Sisters find your S//Soulmate

So this is what we're thinking you're going to like. If you have opinions please, please contact us - we want to make your life easier. This is all for YOU. We want to do it right.

You will pay a monthly fee for access to our databases and network of swappers. When you find out what you're getting in your box(es), you tick off all the items you don't want, and pick items that you'd like instead.


The items you will be able to pick from depend on the subscription box's cost, that means you can pick items to trade from other $10 subscription boxes, if that's how much your box cost. If you box cost you $20, you will be able to trade items across other boxes that cost $20. This is because $10 boxes tend to have sample-size items, and more expensive boxes tend to have full-size items. By segmenting it this way, there's a higher chance of finding people you want to trade with. 

When you're matched with someone, you will be told the price of postage. You can either accept or decline the cost of postage. But if you decline, you will no longer be able to swap for that month. We transfer those funds to your swap-match. This way you pay for your OWN postage.

All the things we want to fix

We are going to focus on the three most popular beauty subscription boxes (at least to start). If you want to swap your stuff from Birchbox, Ipsy, and Sephora Play you've come to the right place. Please read on.


No more wondering if a complete stranger is going to send you anything back. If the other user falls through, you're going to be reimbursed, because that's just fair. And for you nasty thieves out there, there are going to be no second chances around here. We have your credit card info ;)


Our automated algorithm is going to expand your swap world. No more trying to find your "perfect swap match". If you choose to swap, we'll match you with people who want your stuff and have stuff you want. AND you'll only need to pay for postage ONCE for all the items you are swapping.


The truth is beauty and skincare products have expiry dates. Each month, you'll only be able to swap items that were featured in boxes from that month. That way you'll get your stuff ASAP and you know it's fresh (well, as fresh as can be).

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