About the marketplace

I made this marketplace because, as a product junkie and shopaholic, I love getting new stuff. I love my subscription boxes, but it's so frustrating when I don't get what I want...And then I see others are frustrated they didn't get what I got. Finding someone to swap takes a lot of time and negotiation. Finding a trusted community to sell your perfectly good stuff has its own list of pain points. 


This space was made for YOU. Specifically for sharing/selling/shopping beauty products from other beauty lovers. We all have stuff we want and stuff we just won't ever use. Plus, it feels nice when we can rehome our stuff with someone who will appreciate it.


My personal favorite features:

  • Getting paid right away without the hassle of invoicing (and endless messaging back and forth). (Just make sure you set-up a Stripe account.)

  • Searching for a brand and filtering by condition

  • Browsing by product category

  • Check out other users' reviews and rating before going forward with a transaction


What kinds of things can you share with the community?

  • Deluxe sized samples you don't want (from a sub box or GWP)

  • Full sized products you got online and changed your mind about (come on, who hasn't accidentally bought too much stuff from the FabFitFun sale...?) 

  • The 2 lipsticks you don't really like from that 6 Lipstick Value Set and are destined for the back of the drawer

  • Whatever else is in new or like-new condition and is safe for someone else to use 


I promise I will try and keep the costs for you as low as possible, while providing you with exactly the space you need. 


PS Let me know if you have any suggestions for improvements. I'm all ears!



How to guides


A guide for members looking to sell on g//m 

A guide for members who are looking to swap or post ISOs.

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