Hi my name is Karen and if you love beauty products you should stick around because I'm on a mission to make your life easier.

The long of it:

I did the whole post-secondary school thing, and studied abroad for my masters degree. The first thing I did when I came home was get a puppy, but the SECOND thing I did was go crazy buying stuff online. I was really excited about having a mailing address again, and went overboard with the beauty subscription boxes and discovery kits.


The thrill of a deal lost its sparkle when I realized I had too much product I was never going to use. Turns out, I wasn't the only one with this problem. Lots of people online were trying to buy, sell, and trade products with each other but there was no good way to do it.

Come on people, why is it so hard to put a simple transaction through? Oh yeah, because most tech companies are built by dudes who think we wake up with shiny cheekbones! JK, as if they even notice. But, at //glou we're going to do things differently and we're going to do this right.

Learn more about where we're headed next.

x. Karen 

Founder / Chief Product Junkie

it's time to //glou

We are on a mission to create a new shopping experience catered for today's beauty lover. 

Our approach is based on a the idea that beauty lovers are serial product daters. We are going to hook you up with your new loves, but also give you a place to rehome unloved products. 

Glou Marketplace is where beauty lovers connect with other beauty lovers to shop, swap, sell unloved products.




But, this is just the beginning.


We hope you stick around as we unveil what's next!  

Founder Story


//glou marketplace

What makes our marketplace special

glou//marketplace was designed with beauty and beauty lovers in mind. It's super easy to upload multiple products (indicate condition, price, and post!). We have also addressed your top concerns:

No social media stress.

Let’s get real – selling beauty products on social media sucks. It’s time-consuming, disorganized, and constantly monitoring threads and comments is super annoying. On Glou Marketplace, we’ve streamlined this process by creating a centralized marketplace for you to sell, swap or shop beauty products on your terms.  


No disappearing acts.

It’s never fun when a potential buyer or seller doesn’t respond, or worse, doesn’t deliver. That’s why providing incredible customer service is one of our biggest priorities. Every purchase is backed by our money-back guarantee. As long as your transaction has taken place on the Marketplace, you’ll get a full refund if your item arrives not as described.

No sketchy sellers.

When you’re shopping or swapping on social media or other sites, you don’t always know what you’re gonna get. The Glou Marketplace platform is designed with your safety in mind. You can read reviews to get the scoop on a potential seller or directly message users to request proof of their past sales.


  • Easily list multiple items

  • Share your profile link on social

  • Autogenerated shipping labels

  • Never share personal contact info 


  • Standardized listings

  • Check out user reviews before purchasing

  • Negotiate prices with sellers

  • Pay exact shipping rates

  • Single check-out process for multi-item or multi-seller purchases

  • Guaranteed listing accuracy or get your money-back with S//Secure


  • Trade your stuff with someone who's looking for what you have

  • Get notified when someone lists something you have in your ISO list

ISO // Swapping 2.0

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