Karen Lee


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Obsessed with creating real retail innovation for the 21st century.

Elise Wilfinger


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Marketing exec with over 30 years of experience in transforming and scaling existing businesses and startups.


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An all-star team player with a "coach" mentality to empower others to succeed. Most important quality: not losing sight of the bigger picture in tough times.

Job Title

Engineering Lead (Pot. CTO)

Position Overview

I’m looking for an all-star software engineer who will be able to take charge of realizing the Glou Dream from the tech side of things, in addition to building the team that will build the product. 

This is a $94B market with a product utilization of 13%. That's a lot of unused beauty products!  



Glou Beauty is a marketplace for beauty product obsessives. There is a huge market for pre-owned beauty products yet there isn't a specialized marketplace for users to transact safely and efficiently. Glou's first major task will be building out a P2P marketplace platform. 

For sellers their greatest challenge is listing dozens of products for sale at a time. The goal is to use a combination of NLP and CV to simplify the listing process down to uploading a picture and inputting the price. 

Buyers on the other hand are worried about product authenticity, which is one of the beauty industry’s biggest problems and very prevalent on the secondary market. As a proxy for product authentication, I hope to use electronic receipts from email inboxes.

After we’ve built out a solid P2P platform, I hope to open the marketplace up to B2C transactions.  



- Building/hiring technical team  

- Launch web platform and then mobile 

- Be chill. Even when 💩 hits the fan, we gonna get through this as a team. 


Please send resume to karen (a) 


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