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Why can't I see my seller profile?

What will I find on Glou Marketplace?

Buyers: You'll find products of all sizes (sample-sized, minis, and full-size products) and of various condition (new, swatched, used) from our sellers from the brands you know and love. We make it easy to browse marketplace options and always provide a link to the product from the official brand website incase you want to check it out, read the reviews, or purchase new from the manufacturer or retailer.
Sellers: Whether you're drowning in subscription box items, bought one too many "back-ups", or you got a foundation that just isn't right, you can sell it on Glou. You can list any product that is sold by a beauty speciality retailer or in the beauty section of a store.

Glou Guarantee - Buyer protection:

We have our own buyer protection guarantee. If what you purchased arrives and doesn't match what was described, for example, it was used, when it was listed as new, or is travel-sized when it was stated as a full-size, contact us within 3 days of receipt of your package and we will help set things right. We will refund you 100% of your money, minus shipping costs, plus give you a bonus 10% for credit towards your next purchase.
For example: If you bought a $100 palette, paid $5 for shipping, Glou would refund you $100, plus give you $10 credit in your account.
PS We have a zero-tolerance policy for counterfeit products. They are not allowed to be sold under any circumstances on our platform and will result in a permanent ban from our platform.
Contact customer care if an issue arises.

New/Used/Swatched | Product conditions defined:

New: New, never opened.
Swatched: New-ish, but opened for the purpose of testing (swatching).
Used: If it's not new, and it's not swatched, it's used. Sellers must disclose additional information about the condition of the product in their listing description.

Is it safe to buy pre-owned/used products?

Buyers assume the risks associated with purchasing pre-owned products. If you do choose to purchase swatched/used products, please make sure that that item is one that a makeup artist would be able to sanitize and safely use between clients, and that you research the methods to reduce health risks associated with sharing beauty products.
By agreeing to use our platform, you understand that transacting on Glou is at your own risk. We are continually exploring ways to mitigate risks for users. Terms and conditions.

What are you doing about fakes/counterfeits?

We have a zero-tolerance policy for counterfeit products.
Sellers may not knowingly or unknowingly sell counterfeits of any kind on Glou Marketplace and doing so will result in a permanent from our platform. It is also illegal and we reserve the right to pass your information onto the appropriate authorities.

Period After Opening / Expiry Dates:

If a product has an expiry date, the seller must disclose this date in the description of their listing. Most beauty products if left unopened have a shelf-life of 2-3 years. Once opened, the manufacturer has a period after opening date (a little symbol of a jar with its lid open with a number) that tells you how long the product is expected to remain stable (measured in months). Since beauty products do not last forever, we ask that sellers not sell items that have been in their possession for more than 1-2 years. It's better to rehome products sooner rather than later!